El Dorado Building Systems Celebrates 25 Years

25 Years In The Building Business!

It’s hard to imagine it was 25 years ago that we started El Dorado Building Systems intending to “broker” steel & metal buildings in a way that we had not seen before. With honesty, respect for the customer and experience in the field that most brokers never even thought of. That experience, garnered from years in the metal building business, both behind a sales desk and with a spud wrench in our hand, has proven to be the hallmark of El Dorado Building Systems.

When a customer calls, first and foremost, they are looking for solid information and someone to help them chose what is right for them, not what is best for the salesman. Most sales brokers don’t know a purlin from a girt. We do because that’s where we come from. And we think that experience counts. Before and after the dust has cleared.

So if your looking for a new steel or metal building, and have a salesman on the line, ask them if they know a purlin from a girt. We know, and have known, for over 25 years!

Thanks for your business and your trust. I know we will earn it.

Brad Cool

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