Proper Steel & Metal Building Maintenance

“Metal buildings are maintenance free” right?

I’ve heard this from customers for years and, yes even from some sales people as well. The fact is, nothing is completely maintenance free. Even a diamond has to be polished once in a while. The same holds true for your building. A little TLC every once in awhile will keep your building looking and performing like new.

Cleaning can expose building maintenance issues

Like your house siding, your car and your kids, a good scrubbing will do wonders. A power washer or even a garden hose nozzle will knock off some of that environmental haze that builds up and keep it from adversely effecting the paint system that you paid dearly for. It will also give you a closer look at some of the details that you take for granted. Is there a build up of grass, mowed or growing, at the base of your building? Are the exposed fasteners in good shape or, heaven forbid, is there one missing? And while your at it, take some time to clean those gutters and make sure the downspouts are clear. A gutter that overflows will surely cause a problem, inside and out.

While we are talking about the inside of your metal building, take a good look inside and notice all of those scuff marks and holes that you have put in your exposed insulation facing. Even a small rip or tear will compromise your vapor barrier. Call your building dealer and get a roll of “patch tape” in the same facing as your insulation. It’s easy to apply and prevents a future building maintenance problem.

Does your metal building need maintenance?

If all of this just seems to be too much for you, contact us or your building dealer can probably suggest a competent workman to perform these building maintenance tasks. A little work now will keep your metal building performing like it should for you and the next generation as well. And while your at it, go ahead and get her diamonds polished. That won’t hurt either!

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